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Preference is given to charities working in the fields of Wildlife and Environmental Conservation (UK and International), charities operating in the county of Sussex, and to a much lesser extent charities working in the field of Family Planning (UK and International).

The trustees do not require applicants to use a special application form, but suggest that the following guidelines be used:

Applications should be no longer than two A4 sides, and should incorporate a short (half page) summary.

Applications should also include a detailed budget for the project and the applicant's most recent audited accounts. If those accounts show a significant surplus or deficit of income, please explain how this has arisen.

Charities to be considered for support must complete an Accounts Summary form.

Applications should:

a. State clearly who they are, what they do and whom they seek to help.

b. Give the applicant's status, e.g., registered charity along with charity number, except from being a registered charity e.g. a School/University.

c. Confirm that the organisation has a Child Protection Policy (where appropriate) and that Criminal Record Bureau checks are carried out on all staff working with children.

d. Describe clearly the project for which the grant is sought answering the following questions: What is the aim of the project and why is it needed? What practical results will it produce? How many people will benefit from it? What stage has the project reached so far? How will you ensure that it is cost-effective?

e. If the request is for a salary, please enclose a job description

f. Explain how the project will be monitored, evaluated and, how its results will be disseminated.

g. State what funds have already been raised for the project, and name any other sources of funding applied for e.g Local Authority, National Lottery.

h. Explain where on-going funding (if required) will be obtained when the Charity's grant has been used.

i. If the request is for revenue funding for a specific item, please state the amount needed.

j. Contain a short (half page) summary

k. If applicable, state to what extent funding from other charitable organisations has been confirmed as contingent on obtaining a grant from Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust.

Please keep the application as simple as possible and avoid the use of technical terms, acronyms and jargon. If you are sending videos or CD Roms, please provide a stamped address envelope so that they may be returned.

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